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"Lending Options"
Conventional Loans...
These are mortgage loans that are offered by non-government sponsored lenders.
FHA Loans...
These are mortgage loans that are issued by federally qualified lenders and insured by the United States Federal Housing Authority.
VA Loans...
These are mortgage loans that offer long-term financing to American veterans which can only be issued by lenders that are federally qualified.
USDA Loans...
These are mortgage loans that help low to moderate-income individuals that live in small towns or rural areas achieve home ownership.
State and Local Programs...
These are mortgage programs that help low-to-moderate income families who want to purchase their first home.
Applying for a home loan can sometimes be a little bit confusing. John will provide you with accurate and reliable information that is easy to understand. He has the ability to simplify the loan process and will be happy to do so for you. Give him a call today!
Equal Housing Lender
Licensing Information
  John Anderson: NMLS #98405
  NTFN, Inc. NMLS #7533
  Licensed by the Louisiana Office of
  Financial Institutions, Residential
  Mortgage Lending Act
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